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Flower Surprise is a great activity for homes and schools offering a great surprise in every jar

What a awesome activity to do with your family

Please help us help you grow a amazing flower with a special treat at the end of your journey

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Ready to be Surprised?

Flower Surprise is the fun educational way to teach kids and parents the values of scheduling and patience. Every ready to grow flower in a jar has a valuable prize RING hidden in the soil. Find out why kids and parents alike are all talking about Flower Surprise.

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See what's included

  • One mystery flower seed
  • Growing medium
  • Jar pot
  • A valuable collectible RING

    (up to a $10,000 Value)

  • Easy instructions
  • A great time
$20.99 BUY NOW
Step 1:
Just add water and watch your Surprise Flower grow, as you give it love and care.

Step 2:
Once your Surprise Flower has ran the course of its lifespan, Collect your ring by removing the jewelry from its plastic pouch hidden within the soil.

Step 3:


Are you ready to be Surprised?



Flower surprise flower seed is a mystery.



Every kit comes with a valuable ring.
up to a value of $10,000



We send top quality soil.

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NICE Product :)

Hello Flower Surprise, I just wanted to drop you a line and say Thanks. The flower and ring was so beutiful! I have told all my friends about it. I have order a few more for my friends and family. Looking forward to checking my mail :)

Sarah M |



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